Govt. License No: 936/067/068

Maa Padama

Recruitment Process


Client Requirement

The first and the foremost legal documents that required by the Maa Padma is the DEMAND paper with other legal paper attested with it. All the legal documents compulsory required attestation from Chamber of Commerce and Embassy of Nepal. Demand Paper should include the entire needed category that is required by client.


Approval of Requirements

Maa Padma would provide necessary arrangement in Nepal for providing approval of demand from the Ministry of Labor Department – Nepal.


Vacancy Advertisement

To ensure that client receive maximum number of quality candidates Maa Padma would make a necessary arrangement for publishing client requirement in a local newspaper of Nepal.


Scanning Documents

As per the requirement Maa Padma would collect and scan all the documents of the candidates to ensure quality candidates are provided to our clients.


Pre – Interview Selection

Selected candidates would be call for a pre – interview selection procedure which would be in the form of short exam / trade test as per the requirement of our client. 


Providing CV’s to Client

Selected candidates documents would be forwarded to the client for further final inspection.


Arranging for Final Interview

As per the requirement of our client Maa Padma would provide necessary arrangement for the final selection procedure in Nepal.


Final Selection

 Looking at the preference of our client and the nature of the company, final selection procedure would be carried forward, which would be the last step carried on for the recruitment procedure.



As per the selection list company / client would provide necessary documents, work permit, visa, residential permit to ensure they get travel permit from Nepal.


Medical Test

 We will ensure our candidates are physically and mentally fit, before they are deployed here from Nepal.



All the candidates would be provided general classes in different institution which is approved by Government of Nepal. This classed would generally help those candidates to know regarding the countries and environment they need to cope with.


Final Approval from MOL (Nepal)

As per the legal documents received (Visa), we make the approval of each candidates from the Ministry of Labor – Nepal.



 After the successful clearance of all the procedure in the final stage we will make sure that the candidates are deployed here from Nepal with in a specific time frame.