Govt. License No: 936/067/068

Maa Padama



Our recuitment terms and conditions are follows:-


1:Number of workers:One hundred and fifty(150)persons-MALE
2.Job Category:Services(Cargo Handling)
3.Job Description:Cargo Worker
4.Age:18-40 years old
5.Contract Period:3 years from date of arrival in Malaysia

6.Basic Monthly salary:8 Hrs x 26 Days = RM 1000.00




a) Attendance :As Roaster
b) Fixed Overtime:3 Hrs x 26 Days
c) Food : At worker's own cost
d) Transport:Provided
e) Shift: As schedule

f) Overtime(OT) Rate:

i. Normal OT : Salary(Basic) X 1.5
ii. Rest Day OT: Salary (Basic) X 2
iii.Public Holiday: Salary(Basic) X 3


g) Other allowance : RM 100.00(For Clerk/Driver Only)


Total = RM 1565.00